Roberts Mart production facility

In-house knowledge and expertise

We aim to achieve an optimum balance of the most cost-effective film, whilst maintaining the best pack integrity, appearance and performance. Coupled with this, we have great flexibility in our production process with the ability to print up to ten colours on our state-of-the-art presses, with a repeat length of up to 1350mm.

We stay at the forefront of product development, constantly analysing film structures and thickness to give better shrink, improved clarity and the most cost-effective solution. Our knowledgeable, experienced and hands-on team collaborate closely with you from pack concept through to finished design.

Features & Benefits

Our solutions offer a wide variety of benefits to both clients and consumers.


Customised blends to fit your lines and packs

Value engineered to the optimum specification

Excellent shrink characteristics to ensure tight packs

Full in house production gives complete control

Optimised packaging specifications based on your needs

Low film thickness, high yields.

When compared to other common packaging formats

Multipack formats from 4 packs up to 48 packs

Recyclable at large stores and some kerbside. Back of store.


Convenient when buying and storing multi items

Designed to tear easily

Available in various recyclable materials
picture of trees

Responsibly sourced raw materials

All the materials we use in the manufacturing of our products are sourced from carefully selected suppliers who are located as closely as possible to our sites in Leeds with the lowest possible overall effect on the wider environment. Where appropriate these materials may be renewable including some bio-based where they help lower CO2 emissions. Materials derived from non-fossil fuel based renewable feedstocks significantly contribute to reducing the overall greenhouse gas emissions of the plastics value chain.


A range of options

We have several options available that promote a circular economy and encourage recyclability. The suitability of these varies from product, location and barrier properties needed.

green form
Certified compostable
Mono-material laminates
rPE films and bags
paper form
Heat Sealable Papers

Featured Products

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