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In-house knowledge and expertise

Our portfolio of paper-based materials is ever-increasing. By understanding the shelf-life your products need or the specification of your current packaging, our experienced technical team can recommend the most suitable grade of paper with matching barrier properties.

By adding a heat or cold seal coating during our lamination process, we ensure a strong bond on your packing line.

Whilst paper can require some machine tweaking to reduce the risk of tears, we operate with a hands-on approach and will gladly attend trials and first orders to offer our technical advice.

Features & Benefits

Our solutions offer a wide variety of benefits to both clients and consumers.


Various options for heat seal and barrier coatings

Value engineered to the optimum specification

Appeals to environmentally conscious consumers

Kerbside compliant. Widely recycled.

Minimal change to line speeds on existing equipment.

Excellent barrier properties for gas, oxygen and grease.


Excellent tear properties

Widely recycled

Sourced from FSC certified plantations
picture of trees

Responsibly sourced raw materials

The papers we source for all our paper-based products come from FSC certified plantations which are responsibly managed by our suppliers to promote sustainability and to avoid deforestation or poor forestry practises. These papers all conform with typical household recycling guidance so that they can be kept as a valuable resource time and time again.


A range of options

We have several options available that promote a circular economy and encourage recyclability. The suitability of these varies from product, location and barrier properties needed.

green form
Certified compostable
Mono-material laminates
rPE films and bags
paper form
Heat Sealable Papers

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