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In-house knowledge and expertise

We tailor make all the pouches to the customer’s exacting needs and control the full process in-house from pellet through to final product. Our in-house expertise in film extrusion allows us to produce the perfect pouch solution that meets the needs required in today’s retail environment.

We are able to offer a variety of bag and pouch styles and formats including stand-up pouches and Doy packs, all can be supplied with resealable closures, useful for refill applications. Optional laser-scored lines for ease of opening are also available.

Bag Features & Formats

Our bags and pouches are available in variety of formats with numerous features. You can also download the following useful size guide for more information.

Stand up pouches

Stand up pouches offer an excellent alternative to other traditional packaging options such as cardboard, plastic pots, tubs and glass jars, and come with many of their own unique benefits. We provide stand up pouches with these additional features.

Laser Scoring
Tear Notches
Top Slider

Side gusseted bags

These bags offer increased capacity to stand up pouches and are often used for bulkier products such as coffee, pet food or dried foods. Their structure is optimised for efficient packing and logistics and a re a good choice when shelf impact is less critical, or when product volume outweighs the need for standing display.

Laser Scoring
Tear Notches
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Flat Bottom Pouches

Combining features of stand-up pouches and side gusseted bags, flat bottom pouches stand upright with a sturdy base and have the added benefit of side gussets for increased volume. This design offers an excellent balance between shelf appeal and packaging efficiency, making it suitable for a broad array of products, including premium items that seek to maximise both aesthetic appeal and functionality.

Laser Scoring
Tear Notches
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Bag Features

Bag Formats

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Responsibly sourced raw materials

All the materials we use in the manufacturing of our products are sourced from carefully selected suppliers who are located as closely as possible to our sites in Leeds with the lowest possible overall effect on the wider environment. Where appropriate these materials may be renewable including some bio-based where they help lower CO2 emissions. Materials derived from non-fossil fuel based renewable feedstocks significantly contribute to reducing the overall greenhouse gas emissions of the plastics value chain.


A range of options

We have several options available that promote a circular economy and encourage recyclability. The suitability of these varies from product, location and barrier properties needed.

green form
Certified compostable
Mono-material laminates
rPE films and bags
paper form
Heat Sealable Papers

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