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enviRM - Mono-material laminates

We have a range of recycle ready single plastic mono-material laminates which are replacements of multi-material hard to recycle plastics. With a range of applications and uses including pouches these materials can also incorporate recycled materials from post consumer streams. Currently these materials are best recycled in large supermarket front of store recycling bins but are also collected by a number of household collection schemes. Barrier options (including high barrier) are also available for products requiring extra shelf life.

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refoRM - Recycled films and bags

refoRM is our family of products partly made from recycled materials. The recycled content can either be post or pre consumer depending on the application and end needs. In various products these can be up to 100% replacement of virgin materials. Generally speaking no line adjustments are required when switching from non recycled materials. These materials promote a circular economy and can be recycled at the end of their use. We recommend these are recycled in front of store collection bins and some kerbside schemes.

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paperfoRM - Heat Sealable Papers

We have a range of heat sealable papers designed to run on conventional packing lines. These materials are an alternative to plastics and can be supplied with barrier properties which are achieved using our coating expertise. In particular they have excellent barrier to gas, moisture and grease. They are also compliant with OPRL labelling and recyclable at kerbside. Hazy windows where products need to be visible are also possible.

These materials are possible in a range of pack formats including stand up pouches, pillow packs, sachets and flow wrap.

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Biyo - Home compostable packaging

Biyo™ is a home compostable packaging mono material that is designed to be run on conventional packing lines, making it a much more viable and environmentally friendly choice. Exhibiting a wide operating window, the film requires minimal line adjustments. Designed for foods with short shelf life the film has good optical properties so that the product packed inside is visible. For more information on Biyo click here.

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greenfoRM - Industrial Compostables

GreenfoRM is our range of compostable Bio based laminates which decompose under certain conditions and are returned back to nature after use. These materials are partly made from renewable non-fossil fuel based resources which reduce the reliance on petrochemicals. They are direct food contact safe and have excellent barrier properties. These laminates are currently only suitable for industrial composting.

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Carbon Free Films

Produced from renewable raw materials these polythene based films and bags are naturally derived from sugarcane. In capturing carbon they help reduce greenhouse gas emissions and will help you meet your targets in becoming Net Zero. The sugarcane absorbs carbon gas from the air as it grows. The resins used replace fossil fuel based materials but are still recyclable in the same streams. Visually and mechanically they look and perform the same and can be branded with the I’m greenTM logo.

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Roberts Mart easy open pack

Easy Open Laser Scoring

With an ever ageing population and other consumer needs, our laser scored films and bags are available where applications dictate that the material needs to be selectively weakened to allow the consumer to easily open the packed product in a controlled line. They are ideal where a closure is also required such as a zipper. These lines can be scribed in more than one direction both in and against the machine’s direction. The technology also allows for shapes or curves to be created including the ability to partly cut out layers of the web.

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Microwave susceptors

Microwave Susceptors

Susceptors are microwavable materials which are applied to food packaging where the end product needs to remain crispy and/or browned during microwaving. They deliver oven-like performance and can be added into a variety of packaging formats. Produced using aluminium and metallised materials they are designed to absorb the energy from the microwave.

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