What type of pouch is right for your packaging?

What type of pouch is right for your packaging?

One key decision when going for a pouch packaging option is choosing the right type of pouch and packaging film for your product.  There are various features you can choose from, such as strong reusable seals, hanger holes, tear notches, laser perforation, UV protection and package sustainability.

Flat bottomed or gusseted?

A variety of pouch shapes are available that can be flat bottomed or gusseted, as in the Doy pouch.

The gusseted bottom feature can be integrated into most flexible pouches and makes things more convenient for both the vendor and the end user. It is particularly helpful for manufacturers of liquid foods or cleaning products. This is because the bottoms of these pouches expand as the liquid is poured in, without losing any ability accommodate the liquid and maintain its quality.

For the end user, these pouches provide great stability while storing the liquid products.

Doy pouches are highly suitable for packaging sauces and spreads, meat products, sweets, nuts, coffee, baked goods like bread, bagels, rolls, and cookies.

Shelf Appeal

Pouches have high shelf appeal and combined with a top quality print process, such as SpectRM, are the perfect showcase for eye-catching designs, logos and other product and company details.

Sustainable Options

For more sustainable options, Roberts Mart produces a Bio based laminate, GreenfoRM, for use in pouch production. The laminate decomposes under certain conditions, being made from renewable non-fossil fuel-based resources. GreenfoRM is food contact safe and has excellent barrier properties.

We also have a range of recycle-ready single plastic mono-material laminates, EnviRM, which can be used for pouch production.  These materials also incorporate recycled materials form post-consumer streams. Barrier options are available for those products requiring extra shelf life.

It is also possible to choose heat sealable papers as an alternative to plastic, PaperfoRM, which can be supplied with added barrier properties. Compliant with OPRL labelling and recyclable at kerbside, these materials work for pouches and can include hazy windows for product visibility.

Laser Technology In-house

As we offer laser technology in-house, we can easily add a range of alterations to the pouch films.  Our production team can incorporate consistent, clean tear openings that ensure the pouch will still looks its best after opening, as well as being easy to open for the end consumer.

We can use this technology to create the following attributes:

  • steam vents for microwave food applications,
  • openings of any size, shape or position on a pack.
  • the replacement of tear strips and re-close zippers.
  • easy open packs using a weakened score line enabling the packs to be re-closable.

With so many pouch variables, it is best to take time and expert advice on what packaging option is best for your product.

We are here to help.