The paper packaging trend continues

The paper packaging trend continues

The use of paper packaging has existed for centuries and at Roberts Mart we produced a wide range of paper packaging for our clients, such as sausage wrappers, butter papers and food bags. In fact, in 1972 paper products accounted for 80% of the company’s sales and our first polythene bag machine arrived in 1975

Many brands are now switching back to paper-based packaging due to demand from consumers for more sustainable options and the move towards reducing plastic waste supported by increasing Government legislation.

Many of our clients now look for a more-sustainable packaging option that includes paper and although it is not suitable for all packaging requirements, we have a range of solutions to offer that we are continually developing.

We have a range of heat sealable papers under our paperfoRM range that are designed to run on conventional packaging lines.  One example of this is our Heat and Cold sealable papers that offer an alternative to films and are designed to run on HFFS and VFFS packing lines.  As used for the Cushelle packs.

High barrier options including laminates are available and are printable up to 10 colours. The papers are compliant to OPRL labelling and recyclable at kerbside and are possible in several formats including stand up pouches, pillow packs, sachets and flow wrap.

The paperfoRM range is ideal for the snacks & confectionary sector, pet care, home textiles and dried cereal products, providing an excellent barrier against gas, moisture and grease.

Dependent on a product’s shelf-life, we can recommend the most suitable grade of paper and matching barrier properties.  For the end-user, the packaging is easy to handle and open and store and the manufacturer can be confident that consumer expectations are being met in terms of sustainability and low packaging waste.

Recently we devised a paper packaging product for Freddie’s Farm, a children’s 100% natural fruit and veg snack product that became a winner on Aldi’s Next Big Thing.  Our paper packaging means the packs are fully recyclable and this was a key factor in the selection of the product being added to the Aldi range.

Paper-based packaging is, as well as being recyclable, biodegradable and compostable and technological advances have made it more versatile, formable and durable.  We will continue to monitor advancements in paper packaging and use our expertise to provide the best options available to meet specific product needs.