Perfect Pouches

Perfect Pouches

At Roberts Mart we produce pouches for a whole range of industries and products, from beverages to pet food.

We tailor-make all pouches and control the full process in-house from pellet through to final product.

Pouches are an ideal solution in so many ways. If you haven’t already considered using pouches as packaging for your products, then here are some reasons why you could be missing out on a good thing.


Pouches weigh less than the average conventional alternative packages, thus resulting in lower shipping costs.


As pouches have more area for movement you can fit more units in the same amount of space. This means more units on a shelf in a retail environment.

3. Durable

Pouches can handle bumps and knocks without damage to the packaging unlike tins, boxes and glass. They can also include various barrier layers and be specially constructed to withstand UV.

4. Sustainable

Pouches take more product and less packaging, therefore reducing the amount of waste being sent to landfill. Many are recyclable or made from recycled materials. Because of the flexibility of pouch packaging, brands can fill pouches with exact amounts or portions without wasting packaging space.


Pouches can be designed to suit specific needs from the style, the finish, closure options and the material.

6. Shelf Appeal

Pouches are a great marketing tool, being versatile not just in terms of functionalities but also in terms of visual appeal. We can design the pouches in most sizes and styles, tailored to specific products. In a retail environment, pouches sit nicely on the shelf to provide maximum appeal with a high quality print capacity.

7. Compact

Easy to pack and store, with more packs per box or container.

8. Practical

Laser-scored lines for easy open and re-sealable zippers make it easier for the end user. When not opened, pouch packaging remains airtight, but can be easily opened for product access as and when needed.

9. Protective

Pouches can stop vapour, odour, air, pests and light coming into contact with the product for improved food safety. Some films contain barrier properties adding extra security. Pouches are an excellent fit for food packaging as they can increase the shelf-life of the products, maintaining their true flavours, aromas and nutritional value.


The laminated films provide a strong structure that allow the pouches to stay in their unique shapes.

11. Suitability

Pouch packaging suits a wide range of products, including solids or liquids, small portions, or bulk packaging. Ideal for drink pouches, on-the-go food pouches, capsules, solid foods and much more. Transparent pouches offer better visibility of products, this can be an added purchase trigger for the consumer when sifting through similar products on the store shelves.

12. Improved food safety

The various films used to produce pouches makes them an excellent fit for food packaging increasing the shelf-life of products, helping to maintain true flavours, aromas and nutritional value and reduce food wastage as well.  Pouches layered with polyethylene packaging films can make them more capable of keeping food fresh, providing protection from air and moisture. They do a great job of preventing wet food from losing moisture and dry food from absorbing it.


Whatever your packaging needs, we can advise on pouch options to suit your product. Our in-house expertise in film extrusion allows us to produce the perfect pouch solution, in a variety of styles to meet the needs of today’s retail environment.