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    New investments in 2015

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    Outstanding achievement award for our Chairman, John Roberts

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Mick - Production Manager


"As Production Manager it is my resposibility to ensure we have a highly focused team who are equipped to cope with the demands and expectations of all our customers.

I've been in manufacturing for over 30 years and I know from experience that happy customers are, in part, the result of a focused and motivated workforce.

I feel proud to work with the team that I do at Roberts Mart. They're highly professional and skilled. There's nothing we can't tackle when we get our heads together."

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Why Roberts Mart

Roberts Mart is a leading supplier of printed flexible packaging, collation shrink wrap and laminated films. It is the quality of our people, our customer service and our technical investments that maintain that position.

We work hard to be a supplier our customers trust and with whom they enjoy doing business. Our commitment to their complete satisfaction drives our thinking and underpins every corner of our operation. This commitment has given us the edge over many suppliers in our industry.


When many companies are cutting back our careful management has allowed us to continue moving forward. We invest in the latest machinery as well as in our custom-built state of the art building, with further expansion at the forefront of our strategy.

First class customer support:

Every customer has a dedicated team to support them whatever their requirement. These include sales staff who work to ensure the most cost effective solution without compromising the solution and technical staff who collaborate closely and advise on the strategy for ensuring the optimum integrity, appearance and performance of the project.

We never take our customers and their business for granted. We continually strive to exceed their expectations through product development, innovation, value engineering and more. Even cross training staff to ensure a continual flow of service in anyone's absence is an important part of our service strategy.


We have the facility to extrude, print, laminate, slit and convert. It is rare for one business to offer all of these capabilities.

Technical excellence:

Sometimes our clients know exactly what they want. Other times they invite us to help identify alternative solutions. Either way we never make assumptions. With proactive product development, problem solving capabilities and a strong focus on value engineering we ensure every solution is 100% right. If it’s not we can tailor make one that is.

Long standing independent business:

Roberts Mart remains one of the leading independent flexible packaging producers in the UK. Our independent status is very important to us. It means we have no parent company or shareholder targets to meet. We can absorb ourselves in doing the very best for our customers and if that means sometimes going the extra step for no extra cost, we will.

The truth is, no one can impose standards on us higher than those we impose on ourselves. Our passion for quality and for delighting our customers together with our technical excellence makes Roberts Mart a refreshing find for both medium and large companies.

At Roberts Mart we deliver more than just great products—we deliver confidence.